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Top News: (updated January 2022)

Happy New Year!

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On Monday, September 13, the Sonoma County Regional Climate Protection Authority voted unanimously to adopt a Resolution supporting all Sonoma County local governments in passing ordinances prohibiting the construction of new gasoline stations in the respective jurisdictions. Now it’s time for all the cities ands the county to follow Petaluma’s lead and get the job done!

In other news…

On the same day as the RCPA vote (Sept 13) CONGAS received word that the developer of the gas station proposal at 874 N. Wright Road in Santa Rosa has withdrawn their application. This is the proposal that CONGAS had filed a formal appeal to stop. This is the fourth gas station proposal that CONGAS has had a role in defeating.

Sonoma County: On May 11, 2021 the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors held a two hour climate action workshop at a regularly scheduled Board meeting. An ordinance addressing new gas stations was one of the policies they considered. All of the supervisors who spoke on the issue made favorable comments in support of a prohibition. See the video recording of the workshop, agenda item #49, HERE. Next steps are not clear. Please contact your supervisor and ask them when they will be agendizing an ordinance.

Santa Rosa: On May 12, 2021 the Santa Rosa Climate Action Subcommittee agreed unanimously to direct staff to draft an ordinance prohibiting the construction of new gas stations within Santa Rosa city limits. The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Subcommittee is June 9. Check the Subcommittee’s Website for more info and scheduling updates.

Congratulations to No Gas Here and others in Petaluma for defeating the Safeway Petaluma Gas proposal. Read all about it!
And THANK YOU Petaluma for being the first city in the U.S. to prohibit new gas stations! Read all about it!

Our mission is to stop the construction of new gas stations.

CONGAS stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and all who oppose racism and are fighting police brutality. Read more about the connection between gasoline use and social injustice here.

Below is a map of defeated and pending gas station proposals in Sonoma County:


Thanks to everyone who helped stop the gas station proposal at Highway 12 & Llano Road! Our June 18, 2020 action was covered in the Press Democrat and it was a big contributor to the developer’s decision to withdraw the proposal on July 2, 2020. We express gratitude to the developer for responding to the voice of the community. For archived documents related to this effort, please visit THIS PAGE created by our friends at Sebastopol Climate Action.

Please add your name and/or organization to our growing list of supporters by filling out THIS FORM.

Click HERE for a map of the gas station proposals we are opposing, or have defeated.



Please contact us to find out how you can help

There are currently three gas station proposals in Sonoma County. In the midst of a global climate crisis with local impacts already being felt, this is not a wise investment.

CONGAS meets online on a monthly basis. If you would like to attend a meeting, please email us.

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5 thoughts on “CONGAS

  1. Niki R.

    I’m in Stanislaus County, CA and they’re trying to put a gas station next to my neighborhood. The closest pump will be 300 feet from the closest home.
    They just released the plan to pass the initial study with mitigation. I am sick that a gas station will be so close to my kids. What steps can we take to fight this?

  2. Twyla Dell, Ph.D.

    Congratulations! I didn’t know about you and your mission. I am a climate activist, author and publisher. My new book, my 7th, will be published and available in the next two weeks: GOODNIGHT GASOLINE.
    It is patterned after the children’s classic GOODNIGHT MOON. In my work I only concentrate on stopping burning gasoline.

  3. Connie Palmer Smalley

    I send my congratulations to you folks residing in Petaluma/Sonoma Co from someone who views herself as an environmentalist – imitating CA’ actions to curtail environmental pollution by fossil fuels – 10 years ago I put solar panels of my roof to bring both hot water and electricity to my home. To the best of my knowledge, I am the only single family home to have both types of solar panels installed on my roof top. I take pride in my initiative. So I hope your city ban will be the beginning of a movement state wide, and may we hope, the nation. It has to begin somewhere, and California should lead the way as it has done for so many other environmental issues.

    PS. I lived in LA from 1953 to September, 1995 when my husband & I chose Madison, Wi. for our new residence.

    1. woodyhastings Post author

      Thank you Connie. Please feel free to use our resources to join with other like-minded folks in your community and start a campaign in Madison to prohibit new gas stations. No reason to wait!


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