Covid-safe demonstrators gather at Llano Road & Highway 12 on June 18, 2020 to oppose a station proposed for that site. The applicant withdrew less than a month later.

TAKE ACTION! Listed on this page are currently active gas station proposals that we oppose, as well as projects we have successfully blocked. Please let us know if you have info about any of these proposals, or proposals not listed below.

After the gas station listings you will find the sections regarding gas station permitting rule revisions.

Active Gas Station Cases:

  • 43 Middle Rincon Road, Santa Rosa (Intersection of Middle Rincon Road and Highway 12)
    • At this location there is an existing 7-Eleven minimart.
    • The proposal is a 7-Eleven corporate project to renovate the 7-Eleven and add a 12-pump gas station.
    • Visit the City of Santa Rosa’s web page for this project for more info.
Members of the Sunrise Movement join the demonstration at the 7-Eleven at 43 Middle Rincon Road on February 24, 2020. Click on the image for the handout from that day that includes some of our chants and info on how to contact 7-Eleven.

  • 874 North Wright Road, Santa Rosa (Intersection of North Wright Road/Fulton and Highway 12)
    • This proposal is for a gas station and minimart in an undeveloped “greenfield” location
    • It is adjacent to the Joe Rodota Trail and features seasonal wetlands
    • On December 12, 2019, CONGAS filed an appeal on this project. It is still pending.
    • For more info, staff report, application documents, etc, visit the City of Santa Rosa’s web page for this project.
CONGAS members listen while city planners, surprised by the turnout, explain the 874 North Wright Road proposal.
Planning Commission Subdivision Subcommittee, December 12, 2019.

No Gas Here members and supporters demonstrate in June 2019 at N. McDowell Blvd & E. Washington St. where the Safeway is located and has proposed a new gas station. (Image credit: Crissy Pascual/Argus-Courier staff)

Defeated Gas Station Proposals

  • Route 116 & Stony Point Rd. (Unincorporated Sonoma County between Cotati and Sebastopol)
    • This was the proposal that sparked the formation of CONGAS
    • It was an ARCO-branded 16-pump station with carwash and minimart with 24/7 operation.
    • Robust community opposition, including a strong turnout at a June 25, 2019 community meeting, resulted in the application being withdrawn on July 8, 2019.
About 45 CONGAS members showed up at a public meeting on June 25, 2019 to express opposition. Less than two weeks later, the application was withdrawn.

  • 5300 Sebastopol Road (Llano Road & Highway 12, unincorporated Sonoma County)
    • This was a proposal by a private local developer, the owner of the property, for a gas station, minimart, carwash, and RV storage yard;
    • Massive community opposition resulted in over 140 letters and a public demonstration at the location on June 18, 2020; the proposal was withdrawn on July 2, 2020.
    • Archival material can be found HERE.

  • Route 116 & Stony Point Rd. (Rotten Robbie)
    • On August 3, 2020 CONGAS was contacted by Rotten Robbie, the gas station developer.
    • Rotten Robbie was in escrow to purchase the property with a gas station proposal similar to the one we defeated in 2019 in mind.
    • After we shared the opposition files with them, they withdrew from escrow the same day.

  • Petaluma Safeway Gas
  • – Withdrawn by Safeway April 30, 2021; court case winding down.

    City and County Gas Station Permitting Rule Revisions

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    In light of the climate crisis, it is time to update some obsolete 20th century gas station permitting rules!
    • Sonoma County
      • At the County level, the point of entry for this effort is the Ad Hoc Climate Action Committee (#2 on the list on the page)
      • Click HERE for a draft ordinance that has been presented to Sonoma County Supervisors for consideration
    • City of Santa Rosa
      • The focal point for action at the City of Santa Rosa is the city’s Climate Action Subcommittee
      • Click HERE for a set of prospective ordinance policy points that are being circulated to Santa Rosa city councilmembers for consideration
    • City of Petaluma
      • The focal point for action at the City of Santa Rosa is the city’s Climate Action Commission
      • Click HERE for a set of prospective ordinance policy points that are being circulated to Petaluma city councilmembers for consideration