About the Coalition: CONGAS is a community-based grassroots coalition comprised of concerned Sonoma County residents and several non-profit organizations. It is run by two co-coordinators, Jenny Blaker and Woody Hastings, and an informal steering committee that meets virtually on roughly a monthly basis.

How to Join: Any individual or organization in Sonoma County that supports our mission of stopping the construction of new gas stations in Sonoma County can consider themselves a member of the coalition. Please add your name and/or organization to our growing list of supporters by filling out THIS FORM.

Coalition Organizational Partners

The organizations presented below are in alignment with CONGAS’ mission to stop the construction of new gas stations in Sonoma County and its nine cities. Each one has at some point submitted a letter of opposition to one of the gas station proposals we have opposed. These organizations do not necessarily support all strategic and tactical actions or positions of CONGAS as it navigates its campaigns. Each organization is hyperlinked, so please click on an organization to learn more about them.

Sonoma County-based Organizations:

Sunrise Sonoma County
Sonoma County Water Coalition

Organizations based outside of Sonoma County: