This page features resources to learn more about CONGAS and policies concerning gas stations within Sonoma County:


General CONGAS info Factsheet (January 2021)

Sample Letters

Sonoma County Policy
California State Policy

Executive Order N-79-20 by Governor Newsom setting a date-certain for cessation of sales of new gas-powered cars; additional related INFO.

Executive Order B-55-18 by Governor Brown calling for carbon neutrality in California by 2045

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What We Support
  • Departure from 20th century mistakes
  • Social equity and justice in all land use, energy, and transportation decisionmaking
  • Improved pedestrian and bicycling infrastructure and amenities 
  • Well-funded, frequent, reliable, clean, safe public transportation
  • Land use planning decisions reduce need to commute or travel by car
  • Expanded EV charging in appropriate locations (public buildings, schools, workplaces, cinemas, shopping centers, etc.) 
  • Improved quality of life resulting from all of the above
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